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Venditrice PRODIPE
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PRODIPE GUITARS, is first and foremost a team of French designers and luthiers.
By not relying on the conception and design of American or Japanese teams, we can make substantial savings.
Add to that our low fixed costs and savings of millions in communications, and you will arrive quite naturally at products with an exceptional quality/price ratio.
PRODIPE GUITARS PB80RA BLACK, PB80RA SUNBURST and PB80RA VINTAGE WHITE bass guitars recreate perfectly the identity of the original model.
The ALNICO V kit gives you the true sound of rock, and is without doubt one of the most eclectic sounds in the world of bass guitars.
As many bass-players say: "the sound of a Precision model... is the heart of the mix!"
Get your mix with the PRODIPE GUITARS PB80 range.