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Venditrice T-REX
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Beware, Bloody Mary is here! Set free from the deepest, darkest chasms of the Nether Worlds comes Bloody Mary, hailing a new era in metal! Bloody Mary will bring high impact sound, unrivalled customization and bonecrushing distortion to the fingertips of its master. What gives this beast its true power is its 5-dial sound customization, giving you complete control of not only High, Mid and Low settings, but also Gain and Level. The Body switch adds a distinct tone and a rich lower mid and bass to your sound. To make this effect pedal a true monster, we have employed the services of several intended users, thereby making sure that it will deliver on every front. So, whether you prefer high-pitched wails, thumping power cords or something in between, Bloody Mary will deliver. Wrought from the finest metals and imbued with original artwork, its looks alone is enough to make any dwarven forge master weep with envy. Features There are 6 sound controls on the pedal. GAIN: Regulates the amount of distortion. LEVEL: is master volume. LOW: Bass regulation. MID: Middle tone regulation. HIGH: Treble regulation. BODY: Regulates the fill/body of the sound. A diode at the top will lit when the pedal is switched on. Input and output jacks are located on the back along with a DC-9Volt plug.