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Brass Drums Percussion Wind instruments C 519 M/C 519 ML Miniature condenser clip-on microphone for wind instruments, drums, and percussions Miniature gooseneck for accurate microphone alignment Including wireless direct adapter for easy use with AKG pocket transmitters Detachable microphone cable Transducer shock mount for high mechanical-noise rejection The C 519 clips onto the bell of a trumpet, saxophone, trombone, tuba, or any other wind instrument (e.g. didgeridoo). Room to move for the wind section at last! Its tight cardioid polar pattern makes the C 519 an ideal tool for use near monitor wedges, and its flat frequency response delivers a natural, powerful, and clear sound. The C 519 M features an integrated, switchable bass cut for adjusting the microphone’s frequency response to your instrument's sound. The unique adapter plate A 400 allows easy attachment of the AKG pocket transmitters. Versions: C 519 M for external phantom powering C 519 ML for use with the B 29 L battery power supply, AKG WMS Series bodypack transmitters, or the MPA V L adapter for external phantom powering.Polar pattern cardioid Frequency range 60 Hz to 20 kHz Sensitivity 5 mV/Pa (-46 dBV) Max. SPL 130/132 dB SPL (for 1 %/3 % THD) Equivalent noise level (IEC 60268-4, A-weighted) 31 dB(A) Signal/noise ratio (A-weighted) 63 dB Impedance <= 200 ohms Recommended load impedance >= 2000 ohms Powering <= 2 mA Power requirement B 29 L battery power supply, MPA V L phantom adapter, AKG WMS bodypack transmitters Connector 3-pin mini XLR Cable 1.5 m (5 ft.) Finish matte black Dimensions Length: 213 mm (8.4 in.) (microphone only); max. width: 47 mm (1.9 in.) Net weight C 519 M: 195 g (6.9 oz.) C 519 ML: 85 g (3 oz.) (microphone and cable) Shipping weight C 519 M: 430 g (15.2 oz.) C 519 ML: 310 g (11 oz.)