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With up to 550ms of warm analog delay, the Memory Man has the ability to pull off any delay, echo, or verby-like texture imaginable. This kind of versatility has given this device near legendary status in the minds of everyone from rockabilly slap-backers to ambient-types . Nothing is out of reach except your own imagination with this pedal on the floor in front of you. Tack on a very mellow - but useful - Chorus/Vibrato function and the value of the Electro Harmonix skyrockets. The fluid squish of delay and the gentle ping of decay of the Memory Man comes very close to nailing the lush qualities of tape units. The knobs are sensitve to small changes and a magic markings are often neccesary to recall your favorite settings. Various versions of the Memory Man offer additional features like stereo outputs but they all sound great and are built to take a nuclear blast.