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  • TITOLO: Film music for solo piano


  • STRUMENTO: Pianoforte

  • CASA EDITRICE: Chester Music

  • CODICE: MUSCH67804

  • ISBN: 9781844493432

  1. Aberdeen (Aberdeen)

  2. Alicia Vive (Talk To Her)

  3. All Love Can Be (A Beautiful Mind)

  4. Anna's Theme (The Red Violin)

  5. Autumn In Connecticut (Far From Heaven)

  6. Beetlejuice (Beetlejuice)

  7. C'Est Le Vent Betty (Betty Blue)

  8. Chronicle Scherzo (Citizen Kane)

  9. Eternal Vow (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon)

  10. Le Banquet (Amelie)

  11. Love Theme (Romeo And Juliet)

  12. Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence

  13. Murder On The Orient Express (Murder On The Orient Express)

  14. My Father's Favourite (Sense And Sensibility)

  15. My Heart Will Go On (Titanic)

  16. Passage Of Time (Chocolat)

  17. Pelagia's Song (Captain Corelli's Mandolin)

  18. Prelude/Main Theme (The Belles Of St Trinian's)

  19. Reprise (Spirited Away)

  20. The Departure (Gattaca)

  21. The Heart Asks Pleasure First: The Promise/The Sacrifice (The Piano)

  22. Theme (Schindler's List)

  23. Theme (Somewhere In Time)

  24. Wee Wee Hours