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Product Description It's been awhile since Ibanez offered the AD9 Analog Day effects pedal. As a matter of fact it's been well over 20 years. But the AD9 is finally back; and once again it's got the warm, thick analog delay you just can't get from a digital device. That kind of sound is why you still see old AD9's in the racks and pedal boards of players. The AD9 features 10-300ms of analog delay, wet and dry outputs. The AD9 joins Ibanez several other Ibanez Nine Series reissues, the TS9 Tube Screamer which was reissued in 1993 and the FL9 Flanger and CS9 Stereo Chorus which were released at the 2004 NAMM Show. The Nine Series was named for the fact that all the pedals in the early '80s line-up required only one nine volt battery (the AD9's immediate ancestor was an 18-volt device requiring two nine-volt batteries), which was quite an advance back in those ancient times. Travel Back In Time... (Here's what Ibanez said about the AD9 back in the Middle Ages): "Discrete echo is one of the most dramatic effects in the music industry. Bulky tape and "spinning disk" units have given way to the convenience and reliability of solid-state delays. The AD9 Analog Delay uses a compander with pre- and de-emphasis for an exceptionally clean delay. The Delay Time control adjusts the delay time and the Delay Level control allows the artist to adjust the mix between dry and delayed signals. The Repeat control permits the number of repeats to be controlled without runaway. Two outputs enable the dry and delayed signals to be separately routed for dramatic special movement. The quality and features of the AD9 Analog Delay make it the professional's choice.