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KARG-ELERT - Chorale-Improvisations op.65 volume 4

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  • TITOLO: Choral-Improvisationen op.65 Heft 4
  • STRUMENTO: Organo
  • AUTORE: Sigfrid Karg-Elert
  • CASA EDITRICE: Breitkopf
  • CODICE: EB8264
  • ISMN: 9790004175804

34. Alas! my God! my sins are great (Draw us to Thee, Lord Jesus)
35. God who madest earth and heaven (Holy Spirit, once again, come Thou true Etemal God)
36. Lord, as Thou wilt, deal Thou with me (Since Christ is gone to heaven, His home)
37. Lord Christ! I give Thee praises (O come, eternal Spirit, of truth, diffuse Thou light)
38. Jesu, priceless treasure
39. Come, Holy Spirit, God and Lord
40. Oh would, my God, that I Gould praise Thee (Who knows how near my end may be)
41. Thou who breakest every chain
42. Etemity, Thou word of fear
43. O God, Thou faithful God (1st version)
44. O Morning Star! how fair and bright (O Holy Spirit, enter in)