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Virtuoso Larsen’s new set of Violin Strings – Discover the soul of your violin We are proud to offer our new Larsen violin strings – Virtuoso. The novelty of these strings is their unique combination of moderate string tension and great volume. The result is an exceptional subtlety and clarity in the sound. Together with fast string response and easy playability these strings are capable of offering a finely nuanced sound. BACKGROUND Larsen Virtuoso strings are offered in two tensions: medium and strong. However, the tension of the medium set is somewhat below the level of most known medium sets, whereas the tension of the strong strings is only slightly above medium level. Our aim with Virtuoso strings is not simply to offer another high tension violin set with a huge volume. On the contrary, our ambition is to redefine musical qualities like subtlety and clarity without making compromises in sonorousness and sound volume. To discover the new sound of your instrument, we recommend starting with the medium set. If you need extra strength, volume or brilliance, the strong strings – as a full set or in combination with medium strings – can be used. When buying a complete set of strings from Larsen Strings, we ensure that these strings both match and work well together. String type Medium Strong kp / lbs kp / lbs Violin E 7,65 / 16.86 8,35 /18.41 Violin A 5,30 / 11.68 5,80/ 12.78 Violin D 4,35 / 9.59 4,65 / 10.25 Violin G 4,35 / 9.59 4,65 / 10.25