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  • TITOLO: The Library Of Piano Classics Book 2


  • STRUMETO: Pianoforte

  • CASA EDITRICE: Wise Publications

  • CODICE: MUSAM91728

  • ISBN: 9780825613777

  1. 12 Variations (Ah! Vous Dirai-Je, Maman K.265)

  2. Allegretto (Symphony No.7)

  3. Allegro In F

  4. An Alexis

  5. Andante (Impromptu Op.142 No.3)

  6. Andante (Orpheus)

  7. Andante (Symphony No.1 In C Op.21)

  8. Andante (Symphony No.94 'The Surprise')

  9. Andante Grazioso

  10. Ave Maria

  11. Ballade Op.10 No.1

  12. Berceuse (Jocelyn)

  13. Bridal Chorus (Lohengrin)

  14. Can-Can (Orpheus In The Underworld)

  15. Capriccio In A Op.16 No.1

  16. Confidence Op.19 No.4

  17. Consolation

  18. Consolation No.5

  19. Dance Of The Hours (La Gioconda)

  20. Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy (The Nutcracker Op.71)

  21. Danube Waves

  22. Entr'Acte (Rosamunde)

  23. Finlandia

  24. Flower Song Op.39

  25. Funeral March (Sonata No.2 In B Flat Minor Op.35)

  26. Gavotte (French Suite No.5)

  27. Gavotte Ii: La Musette (English Suite No.6)

  28. Intermezzo In A Op.118 No.2

  29. June (Barcarolle)

  30. Knight Rupert (Album For The Young)

  31. Knight Rupert Op.68 No.12

  32. La Fille Aux Cheveux De Lin (The Girl With The Flaxen Hair)

  33. Largo (Symphony No.9 In E Minor 'From The New World' Op.95)

  34. Le Petit-Rien

  35. Little Piece Op.72 No.1

  36. March (Love Of Three Oranges)

  37. Mazurka In C Op.67 No.3

  38. Melody In F Op.3 No.1

  39. Minuet (Don Juan)

  40. Minuet In A Minor

  41. Minuet No.1

  42. Minuetto Giocoso

  43. Morning (Peer Gynt Suite Op.46 No.1)

  44. Narcissus Op.13 No.4

  45. Nocturne (A Midsummer Night's Dream)

  46. Nocturne In D Flat Op.27 No.2

  47. Passacaille

  48. Pastorale

  49. Pizzicati (Sylvia)

  50. Polonaise Militaire Op.40 No.1

  51. Prelude And Fugue No.7 In E Flat Bwv 852

  52. Prelude In B Flat Op.28 No.21

  53. Prelude In C Minor Op.28 No.20

  54. Prelude In D Flat 'Raindrop' Op.28 No.15

  55. Prelude In E Minor Op.28 No.4

  56. Prelude In G Minor Op.23 No.5

  57. Prelude No.2 (Twelve Little Preludes)

  58. Reverie

  59. Rˆverie (Dreaming)

  60. Romance (Album For The Young)

  61. Romance Op.44 No.1

  62. Rustle Of Spring Op.32 No.1

  63. Sarabande

  64. Sarabande (French Suite No.1)

  65. Sarabande (Pour Le Piano)

  66. Scherzo In B Flat

  67. Silhouette Op.8 No.2

  68. Skaters' Waltz

  69. Solfeggio In C Minor

  70. Sonata In A K.331

  71. Sonata In C Kp.159

  72. Sonata In C Minor 'Pathetique' Op.13

  73. Sonatina No.1 In G

  74. Sonatina No.2 In F

  75. Spring Song Op.62 No.6

  76. Tales From The Vienna Woods

  77. The Dove (La Paloma)

  78. The Dying Poet (Meditation)

  79. The Entertainer

  80. The Little Shepherd (Children's Corner)

  81. The Swan (Carnival Of The Animals)

  82. The Young Prince And The Young Princess (Scheherazade)

  83. Theme (Piano Concerto No.2)

  84. Theme And Variation (Vien Qua Dorina Bella Op.7)

  85. Three Little Pieces

  86. Three-Part Invention No.9 In F Minor

  87. To Spring Op.43 No.5

  88. Trois Gymnopedies

  89. Turkish March (The Ruins Of Athens Op.113)

  90. Two-Part Invention No.1 In C

  91. Two-Part Invention No.14 In B Flat

  92. Two-Part Invention No.4 In D Minor

  93. Two-Part Invention No.8 In F

  94. Venetian Boat Song Op.30 No.6

  95. Waltz - Love Unspoken (The Merry Widow)

  96. Waltz In A Flat Op.69 No.1

  97. Waltz In B Flat Op.39 No.8

  98. Waltz In E Flat Op.18

  99. Waltz In E Op.39 No.2

  100. Waltz Of The Flowers (The Nutcracker Op.71)

  101. Walzer

  102. Warum? (Why?) Op.12 No.3

  103. Wedding March (A Midsummer Night's Dream)