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The Doflein Method Vol.5 - The Higher Positions

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  • TITOLO: The Doflein Method 5, A Course of Violin Instruction Combined with Musical Theory and Practice in duet-playing. The Higher Positions (4th to 10th positions)
  • AUTORE: Doflein Erich
  • STRUMENTO: Violino
  • EDITORE: Schott
  • CODICE: ED4755
  • ISMN: 9790001054898

Part I: The fourth position: Chapter 1: Studies in the 4th position
Chapter 2: The 4th position combined with the lower positions
Chapter 5: Application of the 4th position
Part II: The fifth position: Chapter 6: Studies in the 5th position
Chapter 7: The fifth position combined with the lower positions
Part II: Sixth to tenth positions: Chapter 8: The sixth position and its application
Chapter 9: The seventh position
Chapter 10: Exercises and examples in application of the 8th, 9th and 10th positions
Part IV: Techniques of stopping in modern music