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  • TITOLO: Violin Sight-Reading 2, a fresh new approach

  • AUTORE: John Kember, Marguerite Wilkinson

  • STRUMENTO: Violino

  • EDIZIONE: Schoot

  • CODICE: ED12837

  • ISMN: 9790220123849

- An approach based upon self-learning and recognition of rhythmic and melodic patterns
- Original tunes not abstract sight-reading exercises
- 149 carefully graduated pieces in a range of musical styles
- Five sections related to the technical development of the violinist
- Tunes progress to eventually include all key signatures up to five sharps and flates; whole-tone, chromatic, modal and atonal elements are also incorporated
- Each section concludes with duets and accompanied pieces for practice of ensemble sight-reading
- Tunes range from Grade 4 to advanced